Hello and welcome to Karimunjawa!

Dunia Bintang Tour & Travel is the first and highest rated tour agency on the island of Karimunjawa, founded by a local-born Karimunjawa native. Our purpose is to introduce you to our beautiful island and have you fall in love with it as you discover all its beauty and culture.

Each one of our tours, packages, and services is handled with a personal touch, focusing on preserving our island and empowering our local community. Our team is made up of local people who are expert guides in and out of the water. We love to share about our island and culture - it may surprise you, but even though Karimunjawa shares many cultural similarities with Java, we also have our very own traditions and lifestyle!

A Note From Our Founder

Hi, I'm Jojo, founder and owner of Dunia Bintang Karimunjawa! I would like to invite you to our island. Me and my team are ready to take you on an adventure here on my island to create memories that will last a lifetime. As a native Karimunjawa local, I am always happy to share about this place I am lucky enough to call home. Stop by my office and say hi! I'd love to give you any information and introduce you to Karimun!



Dunia Bintang Tour & Travel takes care of all your travel needs in Karimunjawa

We offer day tours, full packages, boat tickets, rentals, transportation on and off the island, equipment, and more! Our services are not only limited to Karimun - we offer transportation between cities in Java as well!
If you are curious about Karimunjawa, what to do here, or have questions about our offerings, please reach out! We are happy to answer all of your questions and work closely with you to build an itinerary that is perfect for you. We are available by WhatsApp and Email!