Karimunjawa is an archipelago made up of 27 islands in the Java sea. The collection of islands is located approximately 80 km Northwest of Jepara and 120 km North of Semarang in Central Java. Of the 27 islands, only 5 are currently inhabited - Karimunjawa Island, Kemujan Island, Parang Island, Nyamuk Island, and Genting Island. The largest of these are Karimunjawa & Kemujan Islands, which are connected by just a small bridge and are generally thought of as one island. The area's current population is approximately 9,000.

Karimunjawa National Park has been protected as a marine conservation area since 2001. It is abundant with mangrove forests, coral reefs, white sand beaches, and sea turtles. In 2020, Karimunjawa Jepara Muria was named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Map of the archipelago pictured below.

Karimunjawa Map.jpg